How high is that bar now, huh?

December 8, 2007 | Skip To The Comments (17)

After five days of watching Fully Flared via the ripped Quicktime copy I got for free... and then going to the skate shop last night and happily paying $30 for the actual DVD, I've concluded that Lakai just took a huge shit on everyone and everything that's gone on in the last few years. Like, seriously, what the fuck is gonna happen now?

I'd be really bummed f I had to film or make a skateboarding video at this point. In fact, with the exception of maybe Stefan Janoski or Rick McCrank, I might even be real ashamed if I put out a video or video part this year prior to November 16. I'd name names, but fuck, I've actually forgotten about anything prior to the night of the Flared premiere. Of course, there's the chance that Fully Flared might actually inspire people to make better videos... but then again, shouldn't Mouse or Questionable or Video Days or Virtual Reality or Shackle Me Not or Hokus Pokus have done that?

Before Flared:

Free DVD = "We're hooking you kids up! We don't want to make you pay for skateboarding videos! Buy a deck or pair of shoes and get one free! Better yet, check the podcast! The days of paying for skate videos are over! DVDs are dead! Someone's just gonna leak it to YouTube anyway!"

After Flared:

Free DVD = "We are too lazy or not good enough/committed enough to make a video worth buying or to trust that the skateboarders of the world will support it by buying it. We feel guilty charging you for this one. It's just throwaway or tour footage so you don't forget about us. A proper video may or may not be in the works."

P.S. Are there weak links in Flared? Sure. Perhaps nothing can ever be a new Video Days or Questionable. But hell, it's not like I hear anyone raving about Jordan Richter or Ryan Fabry's parts these days, ya dig?


  1. amen, probably the greatest video i have ever seen, definitly worth the wait.

  2. I haven't seen it yet, but I heard that Koston has some parts that were filmed before he quit, so he still has éS shoes on. haha.

  3. Let's reflect.

    Before Chomp:
    Skate videos are for elite skaters. Don't you and your punk friends even think you can get to this level.

    After Chomp:
    Skateboarding is fun again!

    Before Flared:
    Where's Chomp 2?

    After Flared:
    Where's Chomp 2?

  4. it was good, but it wasnt legendary or anything. It wont change skateboarding much. Rob is making sound like its sooooooooo good. only a few parts were really good.

  5. I agree with thedood. Great video, but it isn't going to start some kind of revolution or raise any standard to skate videos.


    Mike Mo's part simply put, the best part this year. Argue with me all you want, but you know its true.

    This video is definitely worth the pickup, so go get it!

  6. are you serious?
    u really dont think that this video will change skatebaording?
    which were the few parts you thought were good?

  7. I'd say it's the 2008 version of Yeah Right, like the movie you'll remember for quite a while. It was fucking amazing, it deserves the highest quality possible (it's HD DVD right?), due to all the awesome effects and stuff.

    I want to write a review, but I can't really point out things that are worth dissing.

    scum city
  8. Stuff blows up! I mean, how cool is that? Lived up to the hype and was well worth the wait. Everyone came through with killer parts. It might just be the last skate video I'll buy for a while.

  9. guy's part, eric's part, mike mo, and of course, marc's parts were all really good. I was disappointed in lenoce's part. the stuff blowin up was cool. good quality, but it shouldnt be hyped up like it is

  10. it's not HD

  11. There aren't many shoe companies who can come through with a video like that for sale between $25-$30 these days AND have it be the MOST sought after video in a long, long time.

    I mean, it was genious. Sheer genious. It's marketing that they'll make money from! When is that ever the case?


  12. Yeah, it's worth every penny. I remember paying thirty dollars for Virtual Reality when it came out in '93 and It's still so fun to watch. Guy and Carroll forever!

  13. rob's look at ff is the realest one ive seen. this video blows any and every video out of the water that have come out in a long time.... ive been waiting for a video to come out that was on par with sorry, mosiac, yeah right, and static 2..... these are the vids that are the questionable and video days for the younger generation of skaters.... videos arent made to be over analyzed if the skatings amazing and you feel nostalgic while you watch it and makes you wana skate than its good.... or atleast thats my opinion

  14. this video was way epic...i've probably watched it over a dozen time by now...i am however disappointed with scott johnsons part...8 tricks?...all this time, and that's all you have for us...i understand skaters get busy, or no longer have the drive but if that's the case you should have just faded out like jovante turner...see you on a track bike in 10+ years.

    i think this video was just what skateboarding needed right now...we can only hope other companies continue to push beyond the limits.

  15. Fully Flared didn't reinvent the video, but several skaters made it a point to really push the progression of skateboarding. There are so many new combinations of tricks in this video (mostly due to carroll, guy, mike mo and lucas puig in my opinion) that it makes me think why any am/pro skater* can really justify filming some frontside flip down 8-10 stairs as a trick that supposed to entertain me. Heads need to start getting creative again. In addition, its awesome that birdhouse was able to put out the exact opposite of fully flared around the same time. total dogshit-video. some poor kids gonna wake up christmas morning and find 'the beginning' under the tree and no 'flared' bummed!

    *except for reynolds...fs flips 4 dayz!

  16. I wonder what deawon, rodney and haslam are thinking now...

    how the hell are we going to one up this one????

    how many wierd picknick table combos do we need to pull to make people wanna buy our round 4 dvd.

  17. This is often how i feel about many things once blazed.

    Life is surreal and even in the skateboard industry it's easy to be ashamed of who you are and how you were raised/born (or better how you weren't born) and how you're living.

    It's sad (at least for me) to think that even skateboarding is exclusive at it's core.


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