Leo Romero X Games '06

November 19, 2007 | Skip To The Comments (5)

Okay folks, here's the deal. It took me over a year to get around to editing my X Games '06 (yes, '06, not '07) footage. But I am almost done. I believe TransWorld dubbed this "The best street contest you'll never see," because there was all kinds of ESPN drama and the thing never aired on TV for some reason. I have to agree, it was a pretty damn good contest. Waaaay better than this year's was.

So guess what? Now you can see it. Thank me later. Right now I just landed in a shit blizzard in NJ. Active Am and sunny skies one day, hellish East Coast winters the next! I live on the edge, dude.

I'll be uploading different dudes all week until I'm done. Koston, Cole, Herman, Reynolds, Dollin, Busenitz, P-Rod, Jereme, Sheckler, Arto, Nyjah, Marks, Layton, Lutzka and probably a few more names that are escaping me right now, so stay tuned. In the meantime, everybody loves Leo Romero!


  1. yh first lush

    Markus Hunt
  2. man the 2006 park was the best park!

  3. bee boo bop

  4. Leo getz down!!!!!!

  5. hfdag

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