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October 29, 2007 | Skip To The Comments (0)

Danny Garcia. Back tail.

Skipping the Damn Am finals was a tough decision for me... but really... you can see that coverage on all the other sites. Plus, a Habitat pre-video release signing and private Liberty Board Shop TF sesh with Danny Garcia, Raymond Molinar, Tim O'Connor, Austyn Gillette, James Craig and Daewon Song = no-brainer. As you can see, not the best photos. Everything I try lately is a photographic learning experience where I semi-suck. Kind of exciting. Ivo took better photos than me. Video to come.

Raymond Molinar. 5-0 to fakie.

This is Danny standing in some weird imaginary world...

And this is Danny speedily frontside 5-0s the mini.

This is Austyn Gillette. After seeing him skate today, I'm officially a fan. He also likes trampolines.

Danny. FS 180 fakie 5-0 FS half cab out.

Timothy O'Connor. Back smith.

Stoked! I found the new issue of Alternative Press magazine with some emo band on the cover!

Then Tim read it...

Deep thoughts: Daewon, Danny and Raymond.

I like this photo of Danny but don't have much of a caption for it. So I'll just tell you we both share quite an interest in the Food Network.


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