Omar Hassan got scalped...

October 13, 2007 | Skip To The Comments (20)

God damn this was a gnarly one! Creature's obstacle at Downtown Showdown today involved a tunnel you had to skate through to get to a bank ramp to kickturn on to get speed on to hit a hip. Got it? Ya, so Omar Hassan was ripping as usual, then didn't duck low enough in the tunnel one time and ripped his scalp off. I've never seen blood come out of an injured human so quickly. The above photo is gnarly, yes indeed. But want a closer look at the damage? Then click here. But dude, I'm warning you, its brutal. And yes, Omar is okay. Shit, Omar, I am glad you are alive, man.


  1. Damn, nice shots brink. I remember looking at him, and just being too shocked to even do anything at all. I think that's what it feels like when you see gnarly injuries. Can't imagine what it must feel like to watch someone die. My own image of him - completely confused and looking up for help - is burned into my mind.

  2. oh!! Fuck yeah!! thats brutal dude

  3. i feel sick now. this is why i decided not to finish a medical internship and change education paths.

    ashley sipl
  4. ahh! how is he still alive! my god tht is soo gnarly!! poor guy

  5. That was some brutality liend to the movie "gladiator"

  6. 8 flashes and all i got was the underside of your chin....

    my mission of taking pictures of people taking pictures is off to a rocky start.

    Omar's skull is showing, thats never good.

  7. dude, that's messed up.

  8. harshmellows

  9. damn! Thats insane! I just heard about this on Jason Ellis' show, his reaction was off the hook so I had to come see!

    Get that video up here!

    I'm glad Omar is alright! Keep at it bro!

    RaGiN Z
  10. Damn, if the dudes that constructed that obstacle for Creature would've thought to install a ceiling inside of the wooden tunnel, things might have turned out a bit better for Omar. Hindsight is 20/20. Heal up Omar!!!

  11. Glad you are okay Mr. Hassan!

    Steve H
  12. Hey Bro, My heart goes out to ya...Prayin for a quick recovery. I had a bad feelin that someday I would get some bad news of an accident and feel guilty for not listenin to ur Pop. Sorry Omar, Keep ur spirits up Bro....If you need anything at all...let me know. MP

  13. Everybody here at Quiksilver wishes you a speedy recovery Omar. Prayers go out to you and your family. We'll see you at the Quik bowl soon brother.

  14. hey if you need anything you got my cell


    chris karalis
  15. fuck man hope you get well as soon as possible... just was shocked when i saw it ...yeah even here in germany we´ve heard about this

    man get recoverd and take care

  16. I'm fuckin' speechless.

  17. Damn I havent seen anything that wiked since Nam

    Deez Nutz
  18. oh my god ,,,
    what is that,,,,
    ohohoh my father,,,

    omar hassan jr
  19. legends go big

  20. Aww.. That was bad never seen that before..

    Justin bieber

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