A night at the skatepark!

May 30, 2007 | Skip To The Comments (3)

So last week I met up with Chris Gregson, David Loy and John Demar at the skatepark. In case you're 31, like me, and are ever feeling old and slow and need some motivation with your skating... try going out with a bunch of ultra-hyper, sponsored, ripping 16 & 17-year-old ams and break out your videocamera. They'll have you trying new tricks with them, learning new tricks, filming lines of your own and chasing them to film their lines.

You'll get yelled at from across the park for hours: "Hey Rob Brink! Film me! Film this! Don't stop the camera! Here, film that! Follow me here! Robbrink.com! Over here! Rob Briiiiiiiiiiiink!!!"

The result is a fun-as-hell night at the park and tons of footage in a short time. Kids are so damned consistent these days that you can film a four or five-minute podcast in less than an hour... pretty crazy. That's why I'm always laughing in the background of these things. People are getting so good that it's kinda funny.

And this was them just tooling around. If they were actually being serious it would be a totally different story. Love these dudes! And for the record, I never asked Chris to plug my website after every trick that got landed.

Skaters in order of appearance: Me, John Demar, Chris Gregson, David Loy.


  1. who was chris gregson talking to??

  2. You do a backtail shove it and the kid makes a noise like it wasnt rad and
    immediately wants his trick filmed down the 11!

  3. Hey! I loved this video, random skate sessions are the best cause you never know what's gonna go down!


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