Ronnie Creager On Manuals!

January 4, 2007 | Skip To The Comments (5)

Ronnie ponders a makeshift pole jammy

Here's the second installment of the never-before-seen manual article interviews! This time, manual technician, Mr. Ronnie Creager, speaks!

RB: What was your favorite place to do manuals?

RC: It's gotta be the Ramona two stair stage. It was the best. A bit tall but super fun. I called it the "Big Blue 2" and it was a dream. There was so much flatground skating, a small cement box to bonk, bike racks and yellow fiberglass benches. You could skate the side of the manual/stage like a ledge and it had two heights was painted blue, so it had a nice slide and grind to it as well.

Who/what made you first want to try manual tricks?

There was a church way down at the end of the street, the "Mormon manuals." It was a place I went day or night and skated without being bothered. The manuals were really small, but back then so was I. They had lights right in the middle of them. You could go for distance the long way (20 feet) or skate them sideways, which was five or six feet long. I was there day and night. It was super close to my house and safe. The last few times I went to skate I would get kicked out by the pastor telling me that God didn't want me skateboarding on the property.

What was the first "hard" manual trick you learned?

Nollie nosemanual to 360 shove-it on a three-inch high slab of concrete. I'm embarrassed now.

What was the one you are most proud of?

Right now I'm happy that I learned backside flip fakie manuals. I find myself doing a lot of kickflip backside tailslides, so being able to move a inch or so farther, and on a different object, makes me feel all happy inside, especially when I make a couple.

What took you longest to learn?

I think it took me good two years to learn how to keep my balance in a switch manual.

What haven't you landed yet but are working on, or gave up on?

It's no fun to give up or be defeated by a stupid trick. I've been having some really good luck with a fakie three flip manual to heelflip to nosemanual lately. The nosemanual part of the trick is the hard part, but to come out in a manual again is three cheeses!

Who is the king of the manual?

I can't single them out but there are three that come to my head. Marc Johnson, Daewon Song and Rodney Mullen. In any order.

What is the most memorable manual trick ever done?

Holy bagoly! As soon as this comes out I'll have think of one I can't think of now. But any of the above guys have really had great imagination and pushed the limits on a skateboard in manual form.

What's so appealing about manual tricks as opposed to other types of skating?

It's just another area of skateboarding that makes it fun. It's hard to keep your balance and timing precise sometimes. Skateboarding is skateboarding is skateboarding. It's all appealing. Get it?


  1. heck yeah!

    c. long
  2. God didn't want him skateboarding on church property hahaha that's funny. :)

  3. Hey does anyone know when "wheelies" became "manuals?"

  4. please shut the fuck up about when wheelies became manuals.

    skateboard bully.
  5. skateboardingbully smells of piss, teehee


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