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December 28, 2006 | Skip To The Comments (3)

This comment came in yesterday on an older Gino post I had put up. I guess there's no true way to tell if it is really from Gino's sister, but it seems pretty legit. And if it is, thanks for checking in and letting us know what's up, Nancy. Anyone hating on Gino is just flat-out lame in my book. Gino was, is, and always will be my favorite skateboarder of all time.

Nancy Iannucci Said,
December 27, 2006 @ 4:55 pm

After reading some of these comments, I am bothered by the "lazy bastard" remark. I am Gino's sister and I can say for certain that he is all about skateboarding through and through, but there comes a time in your life when it gets harder to jump on the board as you did when you were 21. He feels it is time to give it up to the younger crowd now. Believe me, this decision has been extremely hard for him. And it has taken a toll on him. As far as "giving up all of his sponsors," this is not entirely true as of yet. He is still with Nike and I see that Chocolate still counts him in as a member since he is still advertized on their site. I know I can't control critics and it is unrealistic to expect to try, but I would ask that you think before you intend to write ignorant remarks, especially if you don't Gino personally.

Nancy Iannucci

12/31/06 Update!!!
Nancy confirmed with me that she is indeed Gino's sister. So this was legit.


  1. Get off of Gino's dick!
    Just kiddin'....Gino is one of the illest skaters of all time. He gets love no matter what. He has a get out of jail free card for life due to how much buttery skating he's put out there. Nuff respect!

    lawrence Kubiyak
  2. Gino Rocks! Nancy Rocks! the whole iannucci crew rocks! Yes even laura and Gina!

    I grew up skating w/Gino in westbury back in the days, before he got sponsored and this guy has Skateboarding in his blood! not to mention a skilled hockey player too

    Whats up Nancy! Say Hi to Gino and Jon B for me!

    Ed Gonzalez
  3. i interrupted him once while he was skating to ask for a photo...classic kook move on my part but he kindly obliged. dude's my favorite ever. hope you're doing good, Gino.

    chase doerflinger

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