X Games Women's Street!

September 21, 2006 | Skip To The Comments (2)

Here's some footage from the X Games 12 Women's Street competition that you probably won't see in many places. Unfortunately, the gals still aren't getting the attention they deserve. There were no X Games TV cameras at this event, but the purse is growing at least, thank God. Maybe next year the multi-million-dollar-making X Games can spring for some coverage, because, quite honestly, these girls are doing more to promote X Games at this point than X Games are doing to promote these girls. Fucked up if you ask me. Truth be told, the Best Trick portion of this event was one of the more exciting things to happen at this year's X Games in my opinion. These girls ripped. Lacey's hardflip at the end of this clip puts most hardflips in the biz to shame. Skaters included are: Evelien Bouilliart, Lauren Perkins, Marissa Del Santos, Amy Caron, an unknown miniature ripper, Vanessa Torres, Lacey Baker and Elissa Steamer.


  1. I want to stick my weiner in them all. That way maybe thier cunt juice will infect me with good skating.

  2. Fuck that first kid Alissa is fucking sweet

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