Morris County NJ!

September 20, 2006 | Skip To The Comments (7)

So I finally have the ability to get all my old VHS stuff onto this computer. Here's an old video of our crew back in NJ. The footage spans from 1996 or so until about 2000. The skaters featured are Tim O'Connor, Pancho Moler, Nick Protopappas, Me, Nick Kuzmak, Leo Fitzpatrick, Anthony Pezolla, Jerry Mikus, Matt Pepe, Damian Merchan, Chris Rozendi, Tim VanDerBas, and Tom Penneta. I'm not really trying to impress anyone with this video...just footage of us havin fun and doin our local NJ thing back in the day. Hopefully some of you out there in skateboardland will enjoi it anyway.


  1. that was cool man. I just saw it for the 4th time today

  2. Damn, i forgot what you looked like thin. and yes, you are an asshole. i was so sick and pissed off that time and totally reminded me of it. u suck. haha. cant believe you put that up. im going to your moms house right now and getting some embarassing bleached blond photos and posting them on my rival site... or

  3. just registered

    Phil N. Gaye
  4. PS mob

    Phil N. Gaye
  5. hammers

  6. rob u were killen shit that sk8park footy was ill manual man... peace u just mede me want a new deck.. holla... snoop proto...

    snoop proto
  7. nick sf footage is funny as hell you should make more of just that.....


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