Downtown Showdown Video! Element's Double Down!

September 18, 2006 | Skip To The Comments (4)

Hopefully you saw the DLX Hyphy Bank footage. Here's the Element Double Down session. Skaters in order of appearance: Daryl Angel, Matt Bennett, Ernie Torres, Tony Tave, Justin Figueroa, Nick Trapasso, Jerry Hsu, Nick Dompierre, Sean Malto, Josh Harmony, Dustin Dollin, Gareth Stehr, Sierra Fellers, Jereme Rogers, Nyjah Huston and Corey Duffel. I left a bunch of slams and "almosts" in here so you can see just how gnarly the obstacle was and what almost went down on a few occassions. Stay tuned for footy from the the enjoi and Girl obstacles!


  1. ouch

    Brink Fan
  2. damn nyjah got fucked up on those kickflip back lips

  3. Man Nyah Is killing the scene man.. 11 years old and no ones touching him, he has his own style and its good.. Think about when hes 22.. what will he pull.. There won't be a single trick he cant do switch

  4. whats the song name when nyjah skatess!?


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