Dorkin' In Paris!

June 14, 2006 | Skip To The Comments (17)

Sometimes when a bunch of pro skaters are sitting in front of a hotel in Paris for hours on end, silly shit happens. Check out Kyle Leeper, Ryan Sheckler and Bastien (yes thats a full cab double flip, in a suit and hat, second try) in action.


  1. that sucks little video en no action

    no one
  2. second bitches!! ryan sheckler is the shit

    Mr. Rodgers
  3. Thank you ETNIES
    the party in Paris was great
    I hope we ll see some photos & videos

    excuz my english

    lamouette from Paris

  4. tell sheck to take it off!

  5. oh man, that party was the best one ever ! way too much gorgeous chicks, nice guys, good music, free drinks and... I can't believe it was over at 3am...damn cops. Do this every year Etnies, it's a blast.

    too much beer
  6. that sucked a little but i licked the sorta natas spin on da fing dat went down dat woz kool if any1 reads this i'm actually from England and if u clik on me u will go on my sit

  7. My computer is so slow it took it forever to let me watch this video i watched almost all of it. I think ryan sheckler is like the best skater i have ever seen and i think its cool how he loves skating so much and throughout his life he has gotten so good! I think hes so hot to very hot and i would love to meet him. that would be my dream.

  8. tell sheckler to email me

    dude where is my car
  9. that was so rad dude and the sheckler shoes are the best i've tested

    dude where is my car
  10. email me at and wheres rodney mullen at man he is like the best flatland skater i have ever seen it is so lame now but still rad man, so dude where is my car? so skate or die like walmart posers

    dude where is my car
  11. yoooooooooo peeps tht vid ws rad too short tho ...ryan sheck kicks soo much ass and hes onli ickle bless him lol any skater girls wna tlk add me at skate4life!

    Scotty the Skater
  12. ryan is so hott im gonna me 4 birthday
    in 6 dayz

  13. i went 2 ryans house before it awsome
    i went swimmin in his pool!

  14. cool you guys fucken rock but not that much because rodney mullen is better than all skaters even tony sounds stupid but thats the true.skate or die.
    fuck posers if there hereing this i said fuck you guys.
    ryan you look like a girl thats why i hata you but your cool skater.
    everyone here thinks your hot or cool the think im going to ask you is fuck off fag.

    ryan looks like a skater fag
  15. fag haters like you shouldn't enter here!Goodbye I'm gone

    Shecky Lover
  16. Haters like you shouldn't enter here!

    Shecky Lover
  17. Shecklers Ammaazzzzing!


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