etnies NYC Rooftop Mini Sesh!

May 8, 2006 | Skip To The Comments (10)

If you think this one is long overdue, you should see how much Tampa Pro footage I have yet to edit and put up here. But, as I've said before, I 'm a writer not a video dude, so that's where my priorities lie. That being said, y'all can stop emailing me and leaving comments on how much my filming sucks. I know it does and I don't give a rat's ass. You should be out skating anyway, and because you are sitting in front of the computer instead, be thankful I'm giving your bored ass something to do.

So anyway, here's footy from the morning after the big etnies 20th Anniversary Party. Check how wet the ramp is while Ronnie is skating it...on a board that he just found on the roof I might add...not even his own. Ronnie Creager, Eric Fletcher and Jimmy Boyce havin' some fun on the new etnies NYC mini ramp. Be patient if it needs to load, the clip is over five minutes long...


  1. When's Fletch going pro? Come on Mr Brink, you're a big player in the biz; can't you talk to etnies and FLIP and make something happen for the boy?

  2. yea when is fletcher going to be pro he's a good skater almost like sheckler how is it that he can't become pro and he is still an am i say U should make him pro

  3. YAY!! I'm so glad that Boyce landed it..makes a nice ending!

  4. nossa,cara o Fletch moeu a mini ramp.
    altas manobras da hora.
    valeu galera da Etnies.
    um abração....

    Ewerton Tx
  5. what's the song at the beginning of the video and who's it by?

    and by the way, i'd like to know why fletcher isn't pro yet lol

    Zach (IA)
  6. im from iowa just like fletcher i saw him at the ceadar rapids park and he is super good etnies and flip send him pro also whens a new flip or etnies vid i saw mobbed mafia

    colton miller
  7. this is so awsome man, can you see me in the background?
    im the guy with the fat

  8. my name rymes with manure

  9. some one reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. wow dat was so awsome...... im wonderin da same as everi1 else wen da hell is flecher goin pro????????????????


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