Matix "Rack A Few" Handrail Contest

January 22, 2006 | Skip To The Comments (2)

The Matix Rack a Few handrail contest went down yesterday at ASR. Gailea Momolu won by a mile with a nollie bigspin backlip. I was seriously scared for Gailea's life while he was trying it. I never expected anything aside from a severe injury to occur, but when he rode away clean, it was a glorious sight.

So here's my crappy ghetto footy of Darrell Stanton, Jereme Rogers, Chris Cole, Ernie Torres, Terrell Robinson and a $10,000 richer Mr. Momolu. I have a new video camera on the way. Better quality footage soon. I promise. Just in time for Tampa Am, eh?

Now that you've supported the "little guy," go watch clearer and better-filmed video over at TransWorld's site.


  1. holy crap....i got to agree... i thought for sure he was gonna eat it. that was tight

  2. Nice song dude..amazing!

    Team Blowing It

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