Goofy Vs. Regular 2005 Footage

October 24, 2005 | Skip To The Comments (90)

Goofy Vs. Regular 2005
By Rob Brink

Mr. Creager and me

As a goofy-footer and a life-long Ronnie Creager fan, it was a lovely weekend for me indeed. I mean, look at the first video. What more needs to be said about the guy? My apologies for the sketchy digicam video clips. I am a writer not a filmer. But at least you have something from the contest to watch right?

Ronnie Creager: Backside tailslide kickflip out

Ronnie Creager: Fakie flip with a nose smack on the bottom stair

Chris Cole: Holy Shit!

Bryan Herman: Backside noseblunt

Jereme Rogers: Switch Back Lip

Darrell Stanton: Switch bigspin (with Paul Rodriguez slamming)

Darrell Stanton: Nollie front salad

Nyjah Huston: Heelflip front board


  1. I think the backside 360 ollie flip down the 11 is in the top 3 of the craziest things i've ever seen. Jeremy Rogers consistance and trick-tionary is something i wish i had. Wow!! I was super stoked to watch all these guys skate this weekend and try not to get in their way! Its guys like this that i get stoked to see cause it helps me see the path i want to follow and direction i need to be going! Thanks to everybody. Happy Skateboarding!

  2. Cole my hero but goofy they took it all Rogers Stanton Huston and P Rod they the BOMB man

  3. GvR is the dopest sk8 contest I've ever seen, but lil Nyjah is wreaking havoc. That kids a friggin monster. And don't worry bro the clips look good.

    John Hayes
  4. darrel stanton = mad style

  5. cole gets trick of the year

  6. Nyjah Huston = No style

  7. I just hope when I'm an old man like creager that my shit smells as sweet as his. Ronnie's my hero.

  8. WTF? Nyjah Huston = No style? Dude, he's 10 years old. wtf do want? Just stay out of his way, 'cause there will be no stopping him. No doubt he will break shecklers record for the youngest pro.

  9. ^then why the heck are you on this site??


    Lol camel Creager is goofy footed.

    go goofy footers!

  10. Goofy won! holy shit i never expected that even know i'm a goofe. F U C K R E G U L A R S u suck ass bols u faggot

    Goofy mannn
  11. that little nigga kid is wicked but not stylisch

    bitchass nigga
  12. B.S.360kickflip !!! SWITCH B.S Lipslides and Nollie F.S Salads.
    These peoples ain't Fuckin' Around.
    Can't beat Creager for mad steez though.
    The futures bright, the futures Nyjah.

  13. Goofy is the sh!t!!!!!!!!

  14. i think jereme's switch back lip is definatly kick ass! Also njah's got some kick ass skills for being ten. but with that said ronnie's definatly got the best slide-flip out combo's

    michael b
  15. yo that shit was sick man nyjah killed jerems insane ronnie always gettin down chris he's out of control brayan keeps it real and darrell hits it big. you know!!!!!!

  16. "Nyjah Huston = No style"

    pssh.. its not like he looks bad

  17. nyjahs da shit and all u haters keep hatin u know he'll fade u any day so keep on hatin, rogers is way to consistant, p-rod has the best swicth fronside flips ever, sheckler gave every body a chance to win only because he won a contest before that. As for chris cole he's a maniac that guys crazy, creeger still puts it down I have 2 give him credit for being an old man. I dont get why anybody gave tony tave any coverege he was killin it, I mean da guy did back tail down 5flat5 hubba dat was insane, they did'nt give darrell dat much coverege ether. bryan herman is crazy, his steez is such at eaz he's untouchable, gotta give it up for new am tommy sandaval chula vista represent 'bicth' well dats all I got 2 say, nyjah has no style, who ever said dat is smokking "dick" keep hatin peace

    pete csk
  18. nyjah houston = SICK!!!and dont mad style
    chris cole = SICK!!!
    ronnie creager = S T Y L E

    chris - S4L
  19. fuck goofy goofy looks gay regular looks stylish awesome and cool Bastien Salabanzi ryan shekler Jamie thomas erik ellington Arto saari CHAD MUSKA BRYAN HERMAN CHRIS DOBSTAFF jason dill marc johnson PJ LAdd leo romero rick maccranc REESE forbes what else do you want ? best skaters are in the regular goofy won cuz the regular gave them a chance they got tired of stomping on goofy's ass. and regular was the first stance to skate and surf. lates yall.

  20. these are so sweet.they all rule.Man i love skateboardng and when you put your heart to it you can never be hurt about it so keep sk8ing if you are a skater and ieven if your not.

    maggie russell
  21. nija is beast and hermans backnoseblunt sucked but anyways goofy killed it

  22. dude cj, ellington is goofy u jizztrap and matt......its a fukin bs noseblunt down an 11 man cut him some slack but yeah i agree, goofy did killed it

    nollie front blunt
  23. FUK Goofy mann and nyjah houston has mad style that kid is a monster

    Regular KAT
  24. P-Rod sucks he fell on his ass and his style is horrible hes a posing bitch tryin to be a thug

    Regular KAT
  25. goofy rules and always will so shuzam

    goofy boy
  26. oh yeah p-rod is bangin

    goofy boy
  27. i don't think you guys no what style means how good does someone look on a skateboard..nyjah looks sketchy and uncomfortable on his board..anyways goofy is good but i think regualar is better

  28. its all about the goofys i mean regulars are kool but come on theres more clean goofy skaters than regulars skaters lets see we have chris haslam eric koston ali boulala deawon song and so on but then again regulars have bastien salabanzi sheckler thomas chris cole reynolds arto its all hard to pick but i got to represent my peoples the goofy riders!!!!!!!!!!!

    rick goofy
  29. goofies rule


    cho chong
  31. You all are haters, Goofy or Regular they all kill it. they all have their own sick styles and there own set of crazy tricks. Fuck, I give them all props. Peace, keep skating everyone.

  32. All that shit kicked ass besides P-rod bailing

  33. regular KAT dont diss P-ROD. I'd like to see you try to nollie bs heel that 11set. dont hate on my boy P-ROD. he has probably the best style in the whole skate industry.

  34. goofy foot is over rated man...

  35. goofy looks $#!+y... regular rocks, i mean come on, regular just looks more clean than goofy.

  36. i effen hate goofy riders

    shizznate dunkens
  37. Man, fuck you all, they put on this contest so that skateboarders could come together from all different teams and give people a show. It wasn't about winning or losing. Goofy isn't over-rated, it's a stance, you can't help which way you skate. Both regular and Goofy have awesome skaters on each side, their all pro's for a reason. They all kick ass cause they try, not cause they stand a certain way. Fuck you all. Skateboarding is about choice, freedom and happiness.

  38. man u guys are all fucked, fuckin hatin on regs, hatin on goofs, wtf is going on, skateboarding is skateboarding no matter ur stance u fuckin morons, so shut the fuck up and jus sk8 u faggots

  39. just to let all ya'll lil regular skters know goofy rocks...bcuz i am goofy so shut up!

  40. Beck: So what if he`s 10. He aint got no style man.
    But Chris Cole got style for sure man. And he`s got maaaaad skills.

    Regular gotta win this shit.

  41. i ride regular.
    my friend rides goofy.
    do u like ice cream?

    my point is...
    chocolate ice cream rocks.

    he is one of my greatest friends. and we bag on eachother all the time. it's how it is, goofys bag on regs, and regs bag on goofy. so all u idiots that are trying to get us to all get a long..obviously like vanilla ice cream..not chocolate. so shut up..and start eating chocolate ice cream, and start bagging on your other.

    and yo PK...stop being all ghetto's kinda annoying..and makes me a little tit irate.

  42. i love that comment with the chocolate ice cream.

    represent random skater..
    and all u peace makers...start eating chocolate

    chocolate lover
  43. pauls a bad ass so even if he did fall hes still one of the best

  44. heloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  45. you all need to stop dissing any skaters all the ones that are sponsored f-wording deserve it even the ones i hate like bam and sheckler that ryan is a bitch but amazing bams a friggen sell out but pretty decent ryan gallant ha AMAZING he better be pro by now and mr penny lands like perfectly straight every time with some sick style but iv never seen one skater that shouldent be sponsored

  46. that is already

  47. You are all posing stupid fucking haters. It doesn't matter how you skate so long as you skate. All you haters and idiots are the scum of skateboarding can you even ollie? Do the tight black jeans make you skate you feel like a man hanging shit on other skaters?
    Quit skating now. Nobody wants you. Its people like you haters that are the fuck ups that quit skating as soon as it becomes uncool. SKATE FOR LIFE!

  48. holy fuck that 360 backside kicky was fucken massive i can see why cole is skater of the year

    T hizz
  49. i have a pointy penis.

  50. nyjah huston is a kool sakter

  51. nyjah huston's style is shitty. This contest needs new rules, because goofy wasn't doing shit their own stance. That shit is whack. nuff said

    Regular stance
  52. ditto with Ben.
    you obviously dont care much about skateboarding if you care more about your style or stance. skating isnt about style. that's the best part about the sport of skating, it's whatever style you want. so just skate and stop bagging on people with their own different style.

    Unknown Pro
  53. Why dont u all stop bitchin and go skate fags (oh and goofy Rulz!!!)


  55. loko!!!!!!

  56. i agree with cho chong........

    who ever said that chocolate shit is tripping on chode.

    you guys on this site aren't pro.........ur critics.....

    guess what critics are......FAGGS!!!!!!!!!!

    go fuck ur self...........and rosy O' donald....

    i bet all u guys aren't even az good az that pussy nyjah.



    sexy billy
  57. u are all gay...just sk8 and have fun.....who cares what way you skate

  58. p.s peace out all ya haters

  59. nyjah huston is rippin it and goofy is by far the best stance ever

    dan the man
  60. nyjah houston tiene mas estilo que todos lleva el loco...
    y es mejor que todos...menos edad...mayor estilo...mayores aptitudes...
    que mas pueden pedir
    see jah

  61. i didn't understand that (above me) but that unknown pro guy is fucking stupid. So you care more about the tricks a skater can do than the style of the skater. Wow, you are the biggest poser by far, congrats.

    To that sexy billy guy, you fucking crust ass skater, no matter what you do you will be judging a skater. No matter what, if they land a trick sketchy you will be like "nah that was crust" which is obviously judging the skater.

    Now i didn't say Nyjah sucked i said his style is crust, he just looks dirty as hell when he throws down his trick and im not talking about the way he dresses either to all the homos thinking that.

    As i said before this contest needs new rules, goofy wasn't doing shit their own stance, sure switch is good but we aren't looking at Regular vs Regular we want to see you do your own stance. Like Herman said "its like facing our own stance" nuff said..

    Regular stance
  62. wut the fuck r u ppl doin, go sk8 and stop bein lil bitches raggin on all the pros that kik ur lil puccy asses at sk8in. BIOCH

    goofy is goofy
  63. i fuckin hate all of u, go eat ur moms eye balls and fry ur dads dick for breakfast! and have sex with ur dog if u must

    goofy is goofy
  64. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck u! who? u!
    fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck u! who? u bitch!
    fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck u! who? u u mother fuckin dick lickin son of a monkeys crab infested balls that ur sister loves to suck! go fuck an elephent i hate u!!! ...BIOCH!

    goofy is goofy
  65. ........ BIOCH

    hahahaha this is fun

    goofy is goofy
  66. nyjah husten is the best skater. he is so jung and is so good. thats a problem for old skater for example bam margera. nyjah husten have so much very good and nice tricks thats so wonderful. he must filmed a video from himself

  67. sweet move nyjah is cool

  68. dude ur mom is cool, im bangin her right now bitch!

    goofy is goofy
  69. Erick Koston and the GOOFY team is the best. Better than the regular team!

    Michael Hernandez
  70. Fuck You All Rgular's Kick Ass?????

    Elijah Jake
  71. dude goofy all day. but to switch it sumtimes is keep on skateing
    alien workshop all day

    sean burnell
  72. nyjah houston is one of the best skaters out there i dont care what anyone says

  73. ya nyjah will be the youngest pro ever I have his auto graph!!!!!!!!!!

  74. you fucking idiots who care about stance are fucking dumb. nyjah huston may not be at smooth as ronnie creager or p-rod but he is fucking good.

  75. Man all theses pros are awsome but whoever says nyjah sucks doesnt have eyes. he is 11 years old and still as good as a lot of pros.

  76. goofey will always be better.....cuz corey D is on deah ya c?

  77. why are all u ppl dissin skaters? especially nyjah, he's friggin 11 years old and u guys think he sucks shit? he's fucken like better then sheckler now and whoever said skatin is for fun not for judging i agree. and for all of u who think nyjah is so bad , go to west 49 and get the new flow dvd and watch the west 49 open he fucken kicks ass in that. sure he lands a little sketchy but at least he lands.

    ....*-*...*-* zzz
  78. bladers are just like us........accept with more wheels so dont hate on them, and dont hate on nyjah hes toooooo good for a kid sooooo young, and im regular but sheckler really isnt that good, p-rods the best at tech and gnarly shit, u ppl have 2much hate in your hearts just have fun, so.... peace out, and jah loves us all.

    pig benis
  79. All you goofy fucks are gay as shit quit talkin shit on nyjah cause he will shred the shit out of you regular is the shit and chris cole is the baddest

    Mike N
  80. Hes awsome

  81. That kid is awsome Nija Huston is awsome I skate and im a girl but you rock Nija you should come to Fremont Ohio Next year you rock

  82. Nija you rock come to Fremont on september 21 2006 so you can show them up YOU ROCK

    Girl skater
  83. nija you rock your the best skater i now YOU ROCK YOUR THE BEST

    Girl skater
  84. Yo Why's Nyjah Huston always doing frontside boardslides? It's getting fuckin old. That little tity boy sucks ass.

  85. bro...nyjah is da fukin man bro i'd like to see u cunts try that craze shit

    msp skater
  86. sheckler rocks hes the best sk8ter in the whole word nobody will ever be better than him.

  87. go sheckler ur da best sk8ter in da world rock on sk8ting rockz.

  88. you dumb dumb he doesnt kickflip out of that tailslide he backside filps it you dang dummy

    sammy the samsta
  89. yo fuck all u guys just fuckin skate

    sonny d
  90. el nija huston es bn pro la neta

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