No Comply

October 12, 2005 | Skip To The Comments (1)

Two of my pieces from TransWorld magazine will be included in an anthology about skateboarding and the law entitled No Comply: Skateboarding Speaks On Authority.

Other contributors to the book include Marc Johnson, Bob Kronbauer, Travis Jensen, Jessie VanRoechoudt, Jim Gray, Satva Leung, Nate Sherwood, Al Partanen, Wez Lundry,Chris Hall, Brian Tucci, Rudy Bazorda, Jeff Knutson, Mark Whiteley, John Rodriguez, Rory Parker, Michael Brooke, Kevin McHugh, Joshua J. Feldman, Dale Dreiling, Steve Kang, Jeremy Ross Duggan, Chris Long, Frank Atwater, Matt Goodwin, Brock Essick, Darin Bendall, Ryan Fabry, Isaac McKay-Randozzi, Jim Thiebaud, Clarkie, Chris Pastras, Dave Franklin, Anthony Pappalardo...and others to be announced. The book will be in stores in December 2005 and I will keep you posted.

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  1. Hey guys...I used to be a Caregiver and worked for Jeremy Ross-Duggan's older brother as his Caregiver for a short time. I have lost touch with Jeremy and really would appreciate it if you could give him my email address. Thanks Teresa

    Teresa Taylor

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